Greenbridge has a strong background in providing international consulting advice for both clients seeking to employ Australian recruiters and recruiters seeking to make a move internationally. Our areas of international recruitment expertise include consulting between a range of countries, including:

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The process of making a move overseas may seem as daunting as it does exciting. Having a great deal of experience in moving to and from Australia within the recruitment market, we are able to provide extensive support and advice for anyone considering a move. We work with a diverse range of agencies who all offer full visa sponsorship. As an agency, we are committed to making the move a seamless, positive and exciting experience with advice on all of the details down to popular areas to live and living costs you can expect.

It is our mission to facilitate the leveraging of organisational and personal skills across a global platform. The globalisation of the recruitment industry has fostered the development of key skills and practices in a range of unique and diverse contexts. Such diversity can provide a refreshing and competitive advantage for both consultants and agencies alike. At Greenbridge, we believe that both personal and organisational development can be maximised by identifying, understanding and applying diverse contextual frameworks.

As is always the case in recruitment, the first step is to have a conversation. We are happy to have a completely confidential chat to answer any of your questions and provide guidance. Shoot us a message by filling out the contact form below and we will get in touch.